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Meet Zentt, a productivity tool that boosts focus by eliminating distractions and rewarding progress with Solana tokens. It’s not merely about task completion; It’s not just about doing — it’s about achieving with purpose.

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Every feature you need to win. Try it for yourself.

Your personal productivity ally, rewarding you for reclaiming your time and enhancing your life beyond the screen. Crafted for the ambitious, for those who seek to redefine productivity on their own terms.

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Create your focus routine

You can easily establish deep work hours by blocking out distracting apps. Tailor your focus sessions to your personal productivity rhythm by setting specific times and days.

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Maximize your time

Discover the power of focused efficiency with Zentt's personalized analytics.

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Connect and Grow with the Community

Dive into a vibrant community of focus enthusiasts. With Zentt, you're never alone on your journey to peak productivity.

Now is the time to amplify your productivity.

With Zentt, you don't just track time—you invest it wisely. Transform every second into progress with our smart productivity suite.

  • Invest Your Time Wisely

    See the big picture of your work habits with our advanced tracking tools and stay ahead of your own expectations.

  • Balance Your Day Like a Pro

    Allocate your hours across different tasks to find the most efficient schedule and hit major productivity milestones.

  • Real-Time Focus Tracking

    Receive immediate feedback on your productivity levels and adjust your focus strategy on the fly.

  • Profit from Your Network

    Invite new Zentters and get rewards as they improve their focusing abilities.

  • Privacy-Focused Productivity

    Your data is your business. We use state-of-the-art encryption to keep your habits confidential.

  • Be rewarded

    Make every minute count with Zentt, and profit from it.

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Thousands of people have doubled their net-worth in the last 30 days.

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Just starting your journey to less screen time? Embrace productivity with no cost.

  • Reward tokens for daily goals
  • Secure data encryption
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  • Advanced goal setting and tracking
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How can I trust the productivity tips from Zentt?

      Our tips are based on well-researched productivity strategies and user feedback. We continuously refine our suggestions to ensure they’re effective. The positive transformations our users experience are a testament to their value.

    • Does Zentt ensure user privacy?

      Absolutely! Zentt is designed with privacy as a core principle. We protect your data with encryption and do not share your personal information without your consent.

    • What if I'm not seeing immediate results?

      Improving productivity is a process that can take time. Zentt is here to support that journey, and we suggest giving the app a fair chance while also being patient with yourself.

    • How are Zentt’s productivity sessions developed?

      Our sessions are crafted by experts in time management and are designed to accommodate various working styles while promoting efficient work habits.

    • Where is Zentt available?

      Zentt is available worldwide. We comply with international standards to ensure our app is accessible wherever you are.

    • Is there any age limit to using Zentt?

      Zentt is for anyone interested in improving their productivity. However, if you are under the age of 13, we ask that you get permission from a parent or guardian.

    • Do I need to report the rewards I earn from Zentt?

      Yes, if the rewards have monetary value, they may be considered taxable income. We advise you to consult with a tax professional to understand your obligations.

    • How do I become more involved with Zentt?

      We're thrilled you want to be more involved! Users can contribute by providing feedback, participating in our community boards, and sharing Zentt with others.